A4 Portrait

Standard 3507 x 2480 px vertical canvas suitable for A4 prints.Prices Pending

16:9 Wallpaper

1920 x 1080 px landscape canvas designed for desktop wallpapers and video artwork.Prices Pending

Profile Picture

Entry-level commission option suitable for use in social media outlets. Avatars are intently cropped and tested to ensure profile visibility.Prices Pending

Add-ons (Animation)

Additional vector animations may be added to Full Render products only.Prices Pending

Additional Notes

NSFW content and other options:
I am able carry out commissions with explicit content for an additional fee. Please request pricing through my contact information.
If there is an option you'd like not present on the Product Roster, please feel free to negotiate that as well.

Commission Process

1.) Requesting a commission:
Provide character and pose references. If you have any other artistic considerations, please mention them as well.
2.) Drafting phase:
I will make a rough draft of the artwork and send it to you within a day. I may provide multiple drafts to choose from.
3.) Confirming draft:
After the composition is confirmed, please send half of the commission fee as down payment before I start rendering the full image. I will periodically check in with the artwork to make sure progress is satisfactory.
4.) Confirming final image:
Completion time will vary on my real life obligations, but depending on the item it can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks. When the artwork is complete, I will ask for the other half of the payment before sending high-resolution files.
5.) Commission complete.
Finished commissions are for personal use only. Please credit me by linking back to this site.

Contact Information

Please contact me through Discord for a timely response. Feel free to inquire about different services available or payment method.Discord | Lucent#4945
Twitter | @LucentTear
Email | [email protected]
Preferred payment:
I recommend using Stripe as it is most convenient service for me to process and receive transactions. I will accept payment through PayPal upon request—however, using Stripe guarantees that I will receive your payment within a reasonable amount of time.
If I know you in person, Zelle is also an available option for payment.For those of you who are unable to pay with a credit card, I am also willing to take USD Amazon / Google Play gift cards in exchange.